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DD67-00115A HOSE DRAIN - XPart Supply

DD67-00115A Dishwasher Drain Hose

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Bring efficiency to your kitchen with DD67-00115A Dishwasher Drain Hose. This easy-to-install hose is specifically designed to fit many different models of dishwashers, ensuring the perfect fit every time. It's also made with durable materials for a long lasting life. Get your kitchen running smoothly with this reliable drain hose.

Part number DD67-00115A replaces DD67-00080A

Supported Models:

DW80J9945US/AA, DW80J9945US/AC, DW80J7550UG/AA, DW80J7550UG/AC, DW80J7550US/AA, DW80J7550US/AC, DW80J7550UW/AA, DW80J7550UW/AC, DW80J9945MO/AA, DW80M9550US/AA, DW80M9960UG/AA, DW80M9550UG/AA, DW80M9960US/AA, DW80M9990US/AA, DW80H9970US/AA, DW80M9990UM/AA, DW60M9990AP/AA, DW80H9970US/AC, DW80H9950US/AA, DW80H9940US/AA, DW80H9930MO/AA, DW80H9930US/AA, DW80R9950UG/AC, DW80R9950UG/AA, DW80R9950US/AC, DW80R9950US/AA, DW80R9950UT/AA, DDW24M999US/DA, DDW24T998US/DA, DDW24M999UM/DA, DDW24T999BB/DA