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W11087438 Fridge Evaporator Fan Motor - XPart Supply

W11087438 Fridge Evaporator Fan Motor

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The W11087438 fridge evaporator fan motor is a reliable cooling component. It's designed to fit select appliances and features a high-performance motor that effectively circulates air for optimal cooling. Enjoy even temperatures for food preservation.

Part Number W11087438 replaces W10727641, W10799016

Supported Models:

JFX2897DRM01, JFX2897DRM02, JFX2897DRP01, JFX2897DRP02, KRMF606ESS00, KRMF606ESS01, KRMF706EBS00, and KRMF706EBS01, KRMF706ESS00, KRMF706ESS01, KRMF706ESS02, MFX2676FRZ00, MFX2876DRE01, MFX2876DRE02, MFX2876DRH01, MFX2876DRH02, MFX2876DRM01, MFX2876DRM02, WRV976FDEM00, WRV976FDEM01, WRV986FDEM00, WRV986FDEM01, WRV996FDEE00, WRV996FDEE01, WRV996FDEE02, WRV996FDEH00, WRV996FDEH01, WRV996FDEM00, WRV996FDEM01, WRX988SIBE02, WRX988SIBE03, WRX988SIBH02, WRX988SIBH03, WRX988SIBM02, WRX988SIBM03