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W11087463 Refrigerator Air Damper - XPart Supply

W11087463 Refrigerator Air Damper

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This W11087463 Refrigerator Air Damper provides an easy, reliable solution for regulating airflow in your refrigerator. It's precision-engineered to ensure accurate airflow control, helping keep your refrigerator running smoothly and efficiently while preserving food freshness.

Part Number W11087463 replaces W10745484, W11087463 

 Supported Models:

10673002510, 10673002511, 10673003510, 10673003511, 10673009510, 10673009511, 10679402410, 10679403410, 10679472410, 10679472411, 10679473410, 10679473411, 59673002510, 59673003510, 59673009510, IX5BBEXDS00, IX5BBEXDS01, KRFF300EBS00, KRFF300ESS01, KRFF300EWH01, MFB2055DRE01, MFB2055DRH01, MFB2055DRM01, MFB2055FRW00, MFB2055FRZ00, MFF2055DRE01, MFF2055DRH01, MFF2055DRM01, MFF2055FRB00, MFF2055FRW00, MFF2055FRZ00, MFW2055DRE01, MFW2055DRH01, MFW2055DRM01, MFW2055FRH00, MFW2055FRZ00, MFW2055YEB01, MFW2055YEM01, MFW2055YEW01, WRB533CZJB00, WRB533CZJW00, WRB533CZJZ00, WRB543CMJV00, WRB543CMJZ00, WRF560SEHB00, WRF560SEHV00, WRF560SEHW00, WRF560SEHZ00, WRF560SEYB04, WRF560SEYB05, WRF560SEYM04, WRF560SEYM05, WRF560SEYW04, WRF560SEYW05, WRF560SFHB00, WRF560SFHV00, WRF560SFHW00, WRF560SFHZ00, WRF560SFYB05, WRF560SFYE03, WRF560SFYH04, WRF560SFYM05, WRF560SFYW05, WRF560SMHB00, WRF560SMHM00, WRF560SMHV00, WRF560SMHW00, WRF560SMHZ00, WRF560SMYB05, WRF560SMYE04, WRF560SMYH04, WRF560SMYM05, WRF560SMYW05, WRFA60SFHN00, WRFA60SFHZ00, WRFA60SMHN00, WRFA60SMHZ00