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W11255551 Oven Coil Surface Element 6'' - XPart Supply

W11255551 Range Coil Surface Element 6''

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🛑 One-Year Limited XPart Warranty 🛑

This 6'' Oven Coil Surface Element (W11255551) is made of quality materials and designed to fit most domestic electric ovens. Its 20% larger surface area ensures optimal cooking results. Save time and energy with this reliable and affordable oven element.

Part Number W11255551 replaces W11199519, W11396792, W11364018

If you require the 8'' element order W11396790 

Supported Models:

ACR2303MFW4, ACR2303MFW5, ACR2303MFW7, ACR4303MFB4, ACR4303MFB5, ACR4303MFB7, ACR4303MFS4, ACR4303MFS5, ACR4303MFS7, ACR4303MFW4, ACR4303MFW5, ACR4303MFW7, ACR4303MMS0, ACR4503SFB4, ACR4503SFB5, ACR4503SFB7, ACR4503SFW4, ACR4503SFW5, ACR4503SFW7, AEP222VAW4, AEP222VAW5, RCS2012RS10, WCC31430AB03, WCC31430AW03, WEC310S0FB4, WEC310S0FS4, WEC310S0FW4, WEC310SAGB3, WEC310SAGS3, WEC310SAGW3, WFC150M0EB4, WFC150M0EW4, WFC150M0JB0, WFC150M0JS0, WFC150M0JW0, WFC310S0EB4, WFC310S0ES4, WFC310S0EW4, WFC315S0JB0, WFC315S0JS0, WFC315S0JS1, WFC315S0JW0, YACR4303MFS5, YACR4303MFS6, YACR4303MFS8, YACR4303MFW5, YACR4303MFW6, YACR4303MFW8, YACR4303MMS0, YACR4503SFW5, YACR4503SFW6, YACR4503SFW8, YWFC150M0EB4, YWFC150M0EW4, YWFC150M0JB0, YWFC150M0JW0, YWFC310S0ES4, YWFC310S0EW4, YWFC315S0JS0, YWFC315S0JS1, YWFC315S0JW0.