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WS01F09341 Range Cooktop Infinite Switch - XPart Supply

WS01F09341 Range Cooktop Infinite Switch

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The WS01F09341 Range Cooktop Infinite Switch is designed to provide the highest level of performance for any cooking application. Its infinite temperature settings ensure precise heat control while its sturdy construction promotes durability and long-term use. With the Infinite Switch, you'll be able to cook like a professional.

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Part Number WS01F09341 replaces 295D1901P005

Supported Models:

DER202B A, DER202B B, DER202BSS A, DER202BSS B, DER202W A, DER202W B, DER242WC A, DER244BSS B, DER244BSSC A, DER244BSSC B, DER244WC A , DER244WC B, DER245BSS A, DER245BSSC A, EME6063BVX0A, EME6063BVX0B , EME6063BVX0C, JCAS300DM1WW, JCAS300DM2WW, JCAS300RP1SS, JCAS300RP2SS, JCAS640RM1SS, JCAS640RM2SS, JCAS640RM3SS, JCAS640RM4SS, QAS740RM1SS, QCAS740RM1SS, QCAS740RM2SS, QCAS740RM3SS, RAS200DM1WW, RAS240DM1WW, RE203W-1A, RE203W-1B, RE2411W-1A, RE2411W-1B, REX2051BRT-1A, REX2051BRT-1B, REX2051WRT-1A, REX2051WRT-1B, REX2071SSRT-1A, REX2071SSRT-1B, REX2421W-1A, REX2421WRT-1A, REX2421WRT-1B, REX2421WRT-1C, REX2431B-1A, REX2431BRT-1A, REX2431BRT-1B, REX2431BRT-1C, REX2451SS-1A, REX2451SSRT-1A, REX2451SSRT-1B, REX2451SSRT-1C, SER244WC A