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WP660533 Range Coil Surface Element, Pigtail Ends, 8

WP660533 Range Coil Surface Element, Pigtail Ends, 8", 2600W

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This 8" 2600W WP660533 Range Coil Surface Element is ideal for the modern cooktop. Featuring pigtail ends to ensure proper fit, this heavily-tested element helps ensure your kitchen runs efficiently and safely.

Part Number WP660533 replaces 14210015, 241419, 241420, 241598, 241743, 244013, 244032, 244063, 244064, 244147, 256702, 256703, 256704, 256705, 256706, 256707, 258898, 263462, 268105, 301414, 308379, 308380, 309185, 309186, 309214, 309215, 309216, 309340, 312559, 312560, 313963, 313965, 313966, 3195918, 3196205, 4163771, 4164322, 4165352, 4167352, 4167353, 4170120, 4170125, 4179292, 4315240, 4315583, 4320500, 4322741, 4327929, 4327935, 4328811, 4332689, 4332693, 4332742, 4332859, 4334586, 4334587, 4334588, 4351719, 4352140, 4352631, 4352711, 4353017, 4354325, 4354326, 4354410, 4371354, 4371948, 4372159, 4372608, 4378607, 4389732, 660530, 660531, 660533, 660533BULK, 786185, 816007, 865692, 865696, 866445, 866447, 868449, 868591, 877983, 877984, 878402, 879066, FSP660533, R318800, R318808, WP660533VP

Supported Models:

221620, 2222A00, 2222A1A, 2222A2A, 2222C00, 2222C1A, 2222C2A, 2222H00, 2222H1A, 2222H2A, 2222L00, 2222L1A, 2222L2A, 2222W2A, 22313, 2242H00, 2242L00, 2362X0A, 2362X1A, 2362X2A, 2392A20, 2392C20, 2392H20, 2392W20, 258B-2CXW, 26AA-6CLX, 2848A00, 2848A10, 2848C00, 2848C10, 2848H00, 2848H10, 2848L00, 2848L10, 288G-6CV, 338G44CXW, 358A-2CW, 37H-42T-EV, 388-2CX, 388G-44CXW, 388W-2CX, 38AA-4CW, 38DM-4CXW, 38DN-2CX, 38EN-4CXW, 38H-42T-EV, 38H-72T-EV, 38H42TEV, 456W-2CLW, 458W-1LW, 4KAER5500AW1, 4KWFC120MAW1, 4RF302BXDW0, 4RF310PXDQ0, 4RF315PXDQ0, 4RF315PXDW0, 558W-2CLW, 558W-2CLW, 55DA-2CLW, 55DA-2CLW/10X, 55EA-1, 5651XUB, 586W-2C, 588-2CX, 588A-2C, 58D-2CXW, 58E-4CXW, 58EA-2CX, 58EA-2CX/13X, 58EA-2CXW, 58EA-2CXW/10X, 664RF3020XYN1, 664RF3020XYN2, 664RF3020XYW0, 664RF3020XYW1, 664RF3020XYW2, 680-30XW, 680-30XW, 68D-3CXW, 68E, 68E-4CXW, 68EA-3CW, 68EA-3CW/10X, 68EA-3CX, 68EA-3CX/11X, 68EA-4CXW, 68EA-4CXW, 68EA3CW, 68EA3CW/10, 68EN-3CW, 68EN-3CW, 68EN-3CX, 68EN-3CX, 68EN-3CXW, 68EN-3CXW/1X, 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