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W10843055 CNTRL-ELEC - XPart Supply

W10843055 Refrigerator Certified Refurbished Cntrl-Elec

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This W10843055 refrigerator Certified Refurbished electronic control board is an essential part of any refrigerator, allowing it to run its internal functions efficiently. Made with high-quality parts, this control board helps your fridge maintain the proper temperature and runs its many features. Enjoy hassle-free operation with this reliable replacement.

Part Number W10843055 replaces W10811364

Supported Models:

WRX986SIHV00, JFX2897DRM02, JFX2897DRP02, KRFF507EBL0, KRFF507ESS01, KRFF507EWH01, KRFF707EBS00, KRFF707ESS01, MFT2776DEE02, MFT2776DEH02, MFT2776DEM02, MFT2776FEZ00, MFT2778EEZ01, MFX2676FRZ00, MFX2876DRE02, MFX2876DRH02, MFX2876DRM02, WRF757SDEE01, WRF757SDEH01, WRF757SDEM01, WRF767SDEM01, WRF997SDDM02, WRX988SIBE03, WRX988SIBH03, WRX988SIBM03, 59672382413, 59672383413, 59672389413