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Aeris Aair Lite Filter Set Refill (Pre + Main Filter) - Appliance Genie
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Aeris Aair Lite Filter Set Refill (Pre + Main Filter)

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🛑 One-Year Limited XPart Warranty 🛑

Two Filters For Perfect Air

The pre-filter

Our unique pre-filter allows your aair lite to pick up bigger air pollutants like dust and pet dander. Doing this helps ensure their capture while also reducing the load on the main filter.

The main HEPA filter

This is where the magic happens. Our variety of main aair lite filters allows them to be built specifically for your needs.

But no matter whether we’re eliminating allergens, mold, or infections, these filters will ensure that you’re protected from everything else as well. From fungus to odor to mildew, the aair lite filter removes 99.95% of all problematic air pollutants.

Compatible with Aeris aair lite air purifier.